Galloping with Guidance provides a clean and comfortable facility for you and your horse while it undergoes conditioning or rehabilitation. 

The water treadmill is very useful for improving top-line and gait by building muscle strength and flexibility in the shoulders, back, and hindquarters. Horses suffering from sour attitudes toward training are mentally rejuvenated by the new activity, while conditioning is not only maintained, but in many cases, improved. 

The Aqua Pacer is a much safer alternative for post-injury exercise. Research shows that the pressure of the water reduces swelling and increases vascular circulation. The water displaces 40–60% of the horse’s body weight, reducing concussion on the bones, ligaments, tendons and joints. The natural motion of the horse helps prevent scar tissue, while the buoyancy limits impact on the body. 

The Aqua Pacer allows us to completely control the height of the water & the speed of the treadmill. We will consult with your veterinarian to formulate a plan of recovery – which results in a customized treatment for each individual horse’s needs to assure a safe and quick recovery.

Benefits of the Aqua Pacer

  • Increases the stride and develops muscles used in normal exercise

  • Allows bleeders to heal while still maintaining conditioning 

  • Reduces recovery time by 50-60%

  • Improves performance

  • Accelerates conditioning

  • Encourages muscle development

  • Increases cardiovascular fitness

  • Improves flexibility

  • Promotes correct posture and a balanced gait

  • Minimizes performance injuries

  • Reduces impact on limbs while benefiting soft tissue mobilization

  • Modulation and reduction of pain

  • Joint decompression

  • Reduces friction between articulating joints

  • Provides hydrostatic pressure to assist blood and reduce swelling

Below are testimonials from satisfied clients who have used the Aqua Pacer.

I have had Chico, my pro-horse, on the Aqua Pacer 3 or 4 times so far and its amazing the difference that I can see in him already! The crew starts them out slowly until they are accustomed to it,then they gradually increase the water level and the speed, while watching carefully for any signs of fatigue. Madison’s eyes never leave the horse while they are in there. What can I say...The unit is remarkable and the whole crew is extremely knowledgeable and professional. The price is very reasonable. Chico will be there at least once a week from now on. Give them a try, you’ll be amazed!
— Eva Murray

I have 3 horses that use the Aqua Pacer. All have different needs. The first horse, Dance, broke his knee 5 years ago and has weak stifles. His stifles are considerably stronger in the short time we have been conditioning him and this has also helped with the integrity of his knee. Another, Wiley, is a big, solid horse. The Aqua Pacer has helped him to strengthen the muscles effectively in a way that can’t be accomplished with different riding routines alone. His muscle mass has increased significantly. We were at a rodeo and his hind inside leg slid out from under him from lack of traction. His hind-end went completely down, but Wiley was strong enough to jump back up and not skip a beat! He wasn’t hurt and I believe that is because he was conditioned for it. Finally, Daytona, is a young, growing horse, and the Aqua Pacer has got him to fill out in muscle mass. His body strength and condition has reached a whole new level and has made him feel and look great. From a condition program, to regular exercise size, to therapeutic recovery, the aqua pacer has been a positive and crucial piece of equipment to my program for my horses.
— Allie LaSalle

I just had a client’s horse return from 35 days of utilizing the Aqua Pacer. I’m really happy with the results. If you’re in Phoenix, Buckey, or Litchfield be sure to check them out!
— Jenna Cadwallader-Duhon

Very well set up facility – with the great addition of the Aqua Pacer, which can be a refreshing way to keep your horse fit – and a safe rehabilitation tool for horses with a new or previous injury. I would highly recommend checking them out!
— Alexis Marie Hand